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Protect your crypto with PreSend.
PreSend covers it all in one simple, easy to use, software!
Protect your crypto with PreSend.
PreSend covers it all in one simple, easy to use, software!

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Understanding Why
PreSend Is Here.


The Crypto Dilemma

One of the major bottlenecks in the crypto industry is the INTEROPERABILITY (or lack thereof) of separate blockchain protocols across the crypto-verse.
That’s why we exist! PreSend aims to make EVERY transaction on the blockchain SAFE. No matter the chain, no matter the coin, no matter the wallet. PreSend aims to protect ALL transactions, thus saving millions of dollars for cryptocurrency market participants in the process.
No more accidentally lost crypto.
PreSend has a proprietary, patent pending, security technology!
PreSend software has the ability to accurately check compatibilities!
PreSend scored a 9.95/10 on its Smart Contract Audit performed by Hacken!
About PreSend
Our Mission
PreSend takes a strategically proactive approach to ensure user assets are safe and transactions are secure.
Having hundreds of chains that aren’t necessarily compatible with each other is a huge problem that PreSend aims to fix for transacting users!
Use Cases
Long gone is the “woe” of the user that used the wrong blockchain, or sent an incompatible coin to an incompatible wallet. Don’t lose your hard-earned crypto funds again…. Thanks, PreSend!
What we aim to do
Protecting MILLIONS of Users & Transactions... GLOBALLY!
PreSend stops users from sending crypto on incorrect chains! It assists it’s users in the avoidance of a mismatched transaction from even happening.
PreSend nips this in the proverbial “bud” from the start, this way the transaction does not even get prompted to be sent out of a user’s wallet.
PreSend’s proprietary and patent pending software performs automated double-checks to ensure that the user has entered valid wallet, blockchain, and coin/asset details. It also ensures that all details entered are compatible, and the user enjoys the automation & security!
What we aim to do
Use cases
PreSend Is Here To Help ALL
Save Time & Minimize Fees!
No more test transactions or having to look up the correct chain. No need to check the asset compatibility to the wallet or blockchain itself!
PreSend automatically checks everything for you, in micro-seconds. Let us do the heavy lifting!
  • Fully Automated Transaction Security!
  • PreSend works with every chain/wallet that is synced to your EVM wallet.
  • If it is in your connected EVM wallet, PreSend works with it. This goes for anything you add to your wallet later as well!
  • PreSend covers it all in one simple, easy to use, software!
  • With the click of a button you can now secure your entire EVM portfolio and do not have to worry about potentially losing your crypto!
Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how we integrate PreSend directly with your wallet of choice.
This is a one-time set up, and you do not need to do anything further once set up.
Simply Use Your PreSend Extension When Transacting. The checks run in the background and protect your wallet(s) and asset(s) FOREVERMORE!

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